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With its great diversity of language (7 major languages), ethnicity (7 cultures) and religion, Suriname, with a population of 450,000, is the only country in the Western Hemisphere whose major religion is Hinduism.  

It was traded by the British to the Dutch for Manhattan Island in 1667, (they still drive on the left-hand side of the road), and it was granted independence from Holland in 1975. 

Following on the heels of Grenada and Nicaragua, Suriname went through revolution in 1980.  It was in this fertile diversity and national upheaval that Reformation Christian Ministries (RCM) had its beginning under the name "Caribbean Christian Ministries."





The Work of Reformation Christian Ministries Today inSuriname highlighted on the map of South America Suriname

Reformation Christian Ministries (RCM) today continues the ministry in Suriname which began under the name "Caribbean Christian Ministries".  In fact, it maintains a legal foundation (Suriname equivalent for a not-for-profit charity) under the name Stichting:  Caribbean Christian Ministries. 

From 1978 to the present, the ministry has established the following outreaches which are all now self-supporting and locally administered. 

  • First Presbyterian Church founded in 1978 and continues to this day with a local pastor and deacon.  It's membership averages about 70 and its attendance slightly more.

  • Christian Liberty Academy of Paramaribo a primary and secondary school founded in 1979, which today is the largest English-language school in Suriname averaging from 300-350 students per year.

  • Reformation International College founded in Suriname in 1996 as an extension of the Florida institution used primarily for training teachers for the school seeking a Bachelor of Education degree. 

  • Reformation International Theological Seminary   founded in Suriname in 1996 as an extension of the Florida institution used primarily for training pastors and church officers.

While there remains a very close link between RCM and the school in Suriname, it seems now that aside from the regular need for qualified teachers from outside of Suriname, both the church and school are able to continue completely from their own financial resources and largely from their own personnel. 


Christian Liberty Academy of Paramaribo, Suriname

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