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Introduction and Overview

The map of ItaliaWhile Italy was integral in the Reformation that swept Europe through well known persons and groups, as a nation it never benefitted from it except in the provision of martyrs.  As a country it remains in a pre-Reformation status and its culture, politics and economy bear testimony to this.  Unity amongst anyone in Italy on anything not under a dictator has been a historic challenge to the country.  However, we are of the opinion that the true gospel along with the Holy Spirit and right teaching from the word of God will go a long way to resolve this.  

RCM's goals in Italy are to find and assist those who share the same like faith, the same understanding of the true gospel and who are committed to seeing their land both evangelized and ultimately, God willing, transformed into a country that has not only tasted of, but also begun to live out, the blessings that come from a true Gospel-centered Reformation.    This will undoubtedly be resisted by the devil as well as the Roman Catholic Church.

Italy has been a challenge from the time of the Reformation.  It has primarily either lost, exported or suppressed its brightest minds to other countries since then, due to its overall domination by the Roman Catholic Church and the Greaco-Roman philosophy upon which the nation has been developed.   Protestant missions efforts have been made off and on throughout the centuries, with little results.  Recent "successes" by broad evangelical groups often willing to cooperate with the Roman Catholic Church, have done little to change things.  If anything, their presence is appreciated by the Roman Catholic Church because they show such a stark contrast between the "heresy" and "immaturity" of Protestantism in contrast to the truth held captive by the "mother church"and the Pope.  

Thankfully, while extremely small, there have been some pockets of people who have come in contact with the thinking and writings of the Reformation.  They are extremely few, very small, widely scattered and thus sorely lacking for fellowship and prone to discouragement.  Nevertheless, their mere existence is something of an encouragement.    RCM hopes to be an encouragement to all of like precious faith and holders of the true gospel through our efforts even if only to connect them through the Internet.  We do not see ourselves as church planters, so much as educators and encouragers of those in Italy who God has and will call to be Reformers.   A Reformation in Italy must come from within.

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