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Reformation International Theological Seminary (RITS)  began in 1996 originating its own courses through the collaborative effort of a good number of qualified professors.  It centers its undergraduate and graduate education around the Bachelor and Master of Divinity degrees.  Other master degree programs are now offered as well as a full-orbed doctoral program. 

RITS is very competitive in price and thoroughly REFORMED in content with the aim of producing solid Christian thinkers and ministers.   We have aimed at keeping our costs as low as reasonably possible by keeping our overhead low, and aiming primarily at ministry instead of money.  We believe you will be able to tell the difference both in cost and quality. 

Well-known writer and editor and professor, Dr. Stephen Westcott (M.A.C.S., Ph.D., Litt.D), is one of the visionaries and co-laborers in the founding of RITS lives near Bristol, England gives the following statement about RITS. 

Dr. Stephen Westcott - well-known editor and professorReformation International Theological Seminary offers a unique blend of the old and the new: absolute commitment to the Reformed Christian faith and its historic confessions, blended with modern 'distance learning' techniques and technology.  Developed with the needs of the mission field in mind, it brings the Seminary and Lecture Hall right into the residences and pastorates of its students and Doctoral candidates.  In a world situation in which the Reformed faith must be built or rebuilt almost from scratch in many lands, and churches planted and organized, RITS now makes available a complete range of Christian and theological education, from 'one off' courses to learn or strengthen individual subjects, to complete pastoral training packages, to research and thesis based Doctoral degrees.  And all of these may be completed without the disruption of leaving home, job, family, church, and relocating to a Seminary to live and work on campus, through audio tape, CD lectures, the internet and email (and 'phone) contact with professors, mentors and administration.  From the busy pastor in America or Europe, looking to research and write on a specific theological subject, to the church planter or pastoral trainee on the mission field, to the Christian wishing to learn more of the Biblical faith, RITS has something 'tailor made' for the situation. With its missionary background RITS does not see education as ever being an end in itself: the aim is to equip God's chosen workers and co-work with them in the building of His kingdom, and so we actively encourage students and graduates to evangelize, church plant, and bring others to the Reformed and Biblical faith, whilst Doctoral candidates are urged to publish their work for the benefit of the church at large.  RITS has employed modern technology to take a small and 'user-friendly' base and offer its services across the nation and across the world.  Its potential in promoting the Reformed faith is immense, whilst its 'paper work' is kept to a minimum, which is just like the Apostolic Church, after all!


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