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(A Canadian Charity)

Registered under the B.C. Society Act January 29, 1990

Canada Charity Registration Number:  889609178 RR 0001.

Reformation Christian Ministries Association of Canada (RCMA) was founded on July 29, 1989 and officially notified of its registration by Revenue Canada on January 25, 1990.  RCMA is a primary funding and legal overseeing charity involved in most of the ministries represented in this website.   All funding from Canadian residents to these ministries is under the direct oversight of RCMA and is kept separate from those of any other charities involved in sponsoring the same projects.  

For practical purposes, this website is the combined effort of two charities which seek to fund most of the projects contained herein.   Nevertheless, we stress that RCMA is a distinct and separate legal and administrative entity and is in no way subordinate to any other entity in or outside of Canada irrespective of what coordination or cooperation in funding may otherwise exist.   While most of the charitable causes represented in this website are those approved by RCMA, this may not be the case for all.  RCMA seeks to honor donation designations, but can only do so for those specifically approved by RCMA.  Donors making contributions above $500 for projects not approved by RCMA, will be contacted if their donation designation cannot be honored.  Donations of $500 or less will be received as undesignated receipts.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact RCMA.

CREDIT CARD donations to RCMA (the Canadian charity) can be made only in Canadian dollars.  Canadian dollar donations are routed to the RCMA bank account in Canada.  (NOTICE:  PLEASE DO NOT MAKE CREDIT CARD DONATIONS FOR CANADIAN CHARITY RECEIPTS IN ANY OTHER THAN CANADIAN CURRENCY.)  Go here for more financial donation information.

RCMA presently has three board members responsible for its oversight.

Rev. Barry Beukema  |  Rev. Wes Bredenhof  |  Rev. Geoffrey Donnan